Since December 2019 I live in Oosterbeek. What does Wiki mention about Oosterbeek?

During the nineteenth century Oosterbeek was a beloved spot for artists, and developped into a painters village. Willem Maris developed his skills for landscape painting in Oosterbeek, and in 1885 he also made acquaintance with Anton Mauve. The painter Hendrik Willem Mesdag spent the summer of 1866 in Oosterbeek, and worked there together with Johannes Warnardus Bilders. Between 1860 and 1870 Oosterbeek was called the Dutch Barbizon; the group that worked there was labelled the 'Oosterbeekse school'. Also Jan Toorop has painted in Oosterbeek. Toorop made there his Stations of the Cross, in the church of St. Bernulphus at the Utrechtseweg. Moreover also Barend Cornelis Koekkoek, Willem Roelofs, Jan Henrik Weissenbruch, Jacob Maris, Matthijs Maris, Paul Joseph Constantin Gabriël en Hendrik Dirk Kruseman van Elten were working in Oosterbeek. Later on also Antoon Markus worked there. The writer Jacob van Lennep died in Oosterbeek in 1868, where he is also burried. Because of the abundance of woods in that area at the Southern Veluwezoom, in the second part of the nineteenth century Oosterbeek expanded to a villa village.