June 8-16 Stevenskerk: Painters Plaza

Under the slogan Painters Plaza six fine art painters from Gelderland are exposing this spring in the Northern chapel of the Stevenskerk in Nijmegen. These contemporary professional artists work under one common denominator: contemporary realistic fine art, continuing a centuries old tradition. The artists employ each their own style and method, and by that they give realististic fine art a whole new form and each of them creates a unique oeuvre. The artists are Erik van de Beek, Sjaak Kaashoek, Riebo Rietema, Jos van Riswick, Ulrich Suberg, Wencke Vinks. The genres in which they work are still live, landscape, cityscape, church interior, portrait and genre painting. During the exposition daily one the artists will give a demonstration, whether drawing or painting.

Exposition: Painters Plaza.

Dates: Saturday June 8. to Sunday June 16.

Official opening: Sunday June 9. (Whitsunday) at 3 PM by André Stufkens.

Location: Stevenskerk, Nijmegen.

Hours: Monday till Saturday 10:30 AM – 5 PM / Sunday 0:30 PM – 5 PM.

Demonstrations: Monday till Saturday from 1 PM.

More information: www.stevenskerk.nl.

Painters collective with from left to right Ulrich Suberg, Sjaak Kaashoek, Riebo Rietema, Wencke Vinks, (above) Erik van de Beek, Jos van Riswick.
The Artists Collective