Home gallery

Combinded with the atelier at Jozef Israëlsstraat 49 in Nijmegen, is a cheerful small home gallery where quite a lot of paintings are being exposed. One can visit the gallery after appointment, and of course during exposition days.


Riebo exhibits at least twice a year, preferably always with new works. Since 2017 he also exhibits in his home gallery.

Group exhibitions

Thanks to effective pr and media attention, sometimes, during a day of Open Ateliers or a group exhibition, an unexpected and unforseen guest pops up.


In the atelier not only different artificial light situations are possible, also daylight can be manipulated, by tinted cloths that can be hanged up at various heigths in front of the window. Thereby every desirable light can be created, for models as well as stilllifes.


Expositions 2016-2019

2019 - Sunday 6th and 13th October, Open Ateliers Nijmegen Oost

2019 - June 8-16, Stevenskerk, Nijmegen: Painters Plaza - Fine Art Expo, collective consisting of Erik van de Beek, Ralf Heynen, Sjaak Kaashoek, Riebo Rietema, Jos van Riswick, Ulrich Suberg, Wencke Vinks

2018 - October, Open Ateliers Nijmegen-Oost

2017 - February-March, with The Hague artists collective Artery, Leidschendam-Voorburg

2017 - April, Open Ateliers Schilderswijk, The Hague

2016 - March, with atelier Sint Lucas at R.M. Schippers & Zn. encadreurs, The Hague

2016 - April, Open Ateliers Schilderswijk, The Hague